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Swagcentral is a way for me to to share about Swagbucks and to help the people who are new to Swagbucks or even those who have been a swaggernaut for a while. It is also a way for me to practice my web development and other random computer science skills. Over time my sites have been made with Dreamweaver, WordPress and Joomla. I’ll try and keep things up to date, but family and work come first, and life is always full of surprises!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.


While this site is for fun and I do enjoy helping other people, it does cost time and money. I don’t run ads on the site since I like keeping it clean and uncluttered. I also would like to be able to get a SwagCentral domain name at some point. If you would like to donate you can either use paypal or feel free to contact me and send me a Lego set 🙂 . I would greatly appreciate it and you would get a big thank you in my blog.

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Any personal information that you may share with Swag Central is kept absolutely private. Neither your name nor anything about you is sold or shared with any other company or person.  I do use a website counter to help me understand where and how people visit my site, though no personally identifiable information is collected (Information like how long you visited, which pages you visited, and what operating system you are using.) This can be done through cookies, which in this instance are harmless to your computer.

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This site has been created for the purpose of providing information about and promoting swagbucks. While I make a reasonable efforts to provide accurate and timely information about Swagbucks on this site, you should not assume that the information provided is always up to date or that this site contains all the relevant information available about Swagbucks.

If you find any incorrect information, bad links, or other errors on this site please contact me.

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