Answer section

Under Answer you’ll find three main ways of earning points called SB, Surveys (Gold Surveys and Peanut Lab Surveys, Daily Polls, and Tasks)

Gold Surveys

Taking surveys online can be annoying and sometimes lead to getting spam in your email. With Gold Surveys on Swagbucks you generally don’t have to worry about spam. The companies that provide the surveys have been approved by Swagbucks and create safe surveys. (Surveys can also be done through Peanut Labs by clicking on “Peanut Lab Survey” after clicking “+Show More”). Each survey is a different length and has a different reward amount.

When you open the Answers page, it will show a list of possible surveys, the amount of SB you can earn, and the estimated time for completion. Keep in mind the estimated time is a general ball-park figure. Sometimes it takes longer or shorter depending on the answers you give.

When taking survey you may or may not qualify for it. Whether you qualify is just luck and generally this is determined after answering the first few questions on the survey. If you do not qualify for the survey you will generally (there are exceptions, which are noted if you hover over the pink “i” circle) awarded 1 SB, up to 5 SB a day. If you are having technical problems with the Gold Survey page, take a screenshot and  contact Swagbucks for help. Unfortunately if you have technical problems with a specific survey, many times there isn’t much they can do.

It is important that while filling out the survey you do not use false or misleading information and that you fully and properly complete the survey. Don’t rush through the survey just clicking answers, they do check the answers and watch how long it took you to complete the survey. If you complete a 30 minutes survey in 10, the system flags it and they’ll double check it. Not following these rules can disqualify you from the survey and you risk having your account closed if you do it a lot.

Once you complete a survey, generally SB are credited quickly (or almost instantly once you finish), and you don’t have to wait very long at all to be rewarded. The other possibility is that you will be credited with “pending SB”. Once the company that sponsored/hosted the survey notifies Swagbucks that you honestly and fully completed the survey, or Swagbucks verifies the survey, your SB will become active (no longer just pending).

Daily Polls

This a very simple way to earn a SB every day. Simply answer a single question, the Daily Poll, and be rewarded.  The polls will be about anything and take only a few seconds (literally. It is not a full survey, just one question). You can check the To Do List on the homepage to see if you’ve done your daily poll for the day yet. (Along with other free daily points) It’s just another fun way to earn SB every day!!


If you have lots of free time on your computer, you might be interested in Answer Tasks. Basically, you earn points called SB by doing different tasks on the computer. The reward amount will vary depending on the complexity of the task and the time it takes for the task to be completed. Since this is a less popular way of earning SB, although it has been around for a while, it’s a little hidden. From the menu click “Answer” and then from the menu on the left, click “+Show More”, and select “Tasks”.

The system is run through Crowd Flower, so you may have to create a separate account, and allows you to do more complicated tasks over time. Each Task will have a Level, Pay/task, #of Tasks, and Rating. Over time your level will increase allowing you access to harder or more complicated tasks. The # of tasks shows how many times that task can be done by a single individual, and the rating is how happy individuals were with the task once they finished.