Social Connect

If the best way to earn Swagbucks is through referrals, shouldn't Swagbucks be part of your social life? With Social connect you can share your Swagbucks success and referral link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Linked In!

There are two ways to add Swagbucks to your social network. From the Swagbucks homepage mouse over the picture of the little man between your inbox icon and your Swagbucks balance. A drop down should appear and you'll be able to select and connect to a specific network.

The other way is  from the menu bar, click Tools> Invite & Earn. On the right side of the page click "social connect" (or click here). About half way down that page you will be able to see which networks you have connected to, and connected to new ones! To connect simply click on the apropriate icon.

Once connected Swagbucks will automatically post to your social network when you win Swag Bucks. Each post will have a referral link so that you can earn referrals and ultimately more Swag Bucks! 

If you want to edit what/how Swagbucks posts to your social network, under "my account" click "my settings" and then select "social media" (or click here)

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