1. What is the best way to earn more points called SB?
  2. How important are Swag Codes, and where can I find a Swag Code?
  3. Is the Swagbucks search engine just as good as Google or Yahoo?
  4. Why do I see the rules screen/iframe error when searching? 
  5. Is there a Swagbucks cheat/hack?
  6. Why was my account closed?
  7. Which countries are eligible to use Swagbucks.com?
  8. What is a partner Search and Win site?

Have a specific question that is not answered here?  Search through the articles on Swag Central, contact me, or look at the Swagbucks.com FAQ


 1. What is the best way to earn more points called SB? (top)

The best way to earn Swag Bucks is to share your referral link. For every referral you earn a matching 10% of their SB for life! If you have been part of Swagbucks for a while, you may have referrals under the old program in which you received matching SB from searching up to the first 1,000. To earn the most each day, make sure to visit the Daily Poll and complete the “To Do List” on the  Also, when you do online shopping, make sure that the company isn’t part of Swabgucks shopping program, because if you’re buying something, those are easy SB to earn.

2. How important are Swag Codes, and where can I find a Swag Code? (top)

In the overall scheme of things Swag Codes are just an extra little bonus codes. They are nice, but they are not the main way to earn SB  There are several different places that Swag Codes show up (blog, facebook, twitter, special pages, etc.). To learn more, visit the Swag Code Guide.

3. Is the Swagbucks search engine just as good as Google or Yahoo? (top)

Yes! Swagbucks.com used the Yahoo search engine to provide results. If you’re already searching the web, why not win prizes, while continuing to receive the same great results! 

4. Why do I see the rules screen/iframe error when searching? (top)

When you see the rules screen it generally means Swagbucks has detects unnatural searching (i.e – searching too quickly just earn points). Using Swagbucks normally is the best way to earn points. If this happens too many times it might lead to a suspension of your account.

If you see a error saying “You may not access Swagbucks.com content via an iFrame. Please go directly to Swagbucks.com to continue your Swag Bucks experience”, it means you either are visiting or visited a website that loads Swagbucks in an iframe. You may continue to get the error for part of the day while trying to use Swagbucks.com normally. If the problems still occurs the next day, contact Swagbucks for help. (They might take the iframe error as trying to cheat the system)

5. Is there a Swagbucks cheat/hack? (top)

No, there is no hack or cheat for swagbucks. Most of these are phishing scams, or are just trying to get you to sign up using their referral link.  Trying to cheat the system will result in your account being closed. If you see someone promoting a hack, please report it to Swagbucks.

6. Why was my Swagbucks account closed? (top)

There are several rules that Swagbucks is strict about, which include using bots or trying to “cheat” their  system, having multiple accounts, and spamming people with your referral link. For a complete list of Do’s and Don’ts, click here. If you believe your account was closed in error, please contact Swagbucks for help. 

 7. Which countries are eligible to use Swagbucks.com? (top)

Currently only residents of resident of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland above the age of 13 is eligible to earn and redeem prizes from Swagbucks.com. Each country has different contest rules, which is why only residents of certain countries can sign up.  Hopefully Swagbucks will be available to other countries soon.

8. What is a partner Search and Win site?(top)

At the end of August 2012 Swagbucks discontinued almost all of their partner sites for bands. The points that were earned at these sites were converted into generic SB. If you were saving for a specific prize, hopefully you got it before they changed over!

There were almost 200 other search and win sites powered by Swagbucks (Called partner sites). These sites generally promoted specific sport teams or organizations. Unless one was set on a specific prize from an artist or sports team, it was best to use the default swagbucks.com page since prizes at the main swagbucks site were normally cheaper. Another downside to partner sites was that you could not combine points from the partner sites to use on Swagbucks.com.