Swago is Swagbucks version of Bingo! There are certain prizes or categories in the Swagbucks.com store that qualify for a Swago piece. Over time you'll be able to cover your Swago board and score a bingo! (Below is a copy of what a Swago Board looks like.)

The easiest way to find a prize that qualifies for a Swago piece is selecting all prizes from the swag store, and then sort check the swago box under search (on the lower left) When you open a prize that qualifies there will be a small circle (like the one to the left) just underneath the picture of the prize. If you buy a prize that qualifies you'll automatically receive Swago game piece. If you get 5 piece in a row (Swago!) You'll earn 1,000 Swagbucks! It's like being rewarded for spending Swag Bucks!




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