Have you ever wanted to try out Swagbucks? Well, to celebrate restarting Swag Central, for this week only new users can enter the code “SwagCentral”

To sign up, follow this link. Enter your email address, create a password and then click on “I have a sign up code”  and enter “SwagCentral” in the box. Click get started and enjoy your extra 70 Swagbucks! However the code is only good until Friday February 14th, so make sure you sign up soon! when signing up to start off with and extra 70 Swag Bucks on top of the normal 30! This means you’ll have 100 Swag Bucks to spend on sweepstakes (called Swagstakes on Swagbucks) or you can start saving for any number of great prizes!

I’ll also be making some changes to the site in the future, so keep an eye out of updates as well.

Leave a comment below if you signed up using the code!

Jacob for Swag Central

New Users!

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