I thought I would take a moment and share my Swagbucks story. I’ve been using Swagbucks for a long time, and while for me it’s not a way to get rich, it is a way to have some “fun” money to use and not feel bad spending.

I originally started off using a Search and Win site (something that used to be called powered by Swagbucks) for a band I liked, Relient K, near the end of 2007. I used it on and off for a while hoping to get enough points to get the Macbook etched with the cover art of their newest album. (Sadly, I never got enough points for the Relient K Macbook)

About mid-2008 I decided to use Swagbucks.com instead of the other site because the prizes were cheaper. Then I found out how much I had been missing out on. Swagbucks had a very active community and encouraged users to search and participate in the community (that didn’t happen on the other site). November rolled around and Swagbucks had a contest to see who could create the best widget promoting Swagbucks. Since I had recently started promoting Swagbucks, I decided to use my newly developed flash animation skills and give it a shot. Surprisingly, I ended up being selected as the winner.

Since then I’ve made a few other widgets, and made a website about Swagbucks. it’s been through several itterations over time. I enjoy promoting and helping other people learn about Swagbucks. It’s helped me save money, and I figure other people like saving money as well. My website is also a way to practice my web development skills. School, undergraduate and masters, and starting a family (kids) has taken up a lot of my free time over the past few years, so I haven’t been as active with Swagbucks as I would like.

However, I have over the last few months been working on updating the website and switching platforms to WordPress. (My site will be mobile friendly finally!) It’s taken a while becuase I’m working full time and working on my Master’s degree, so it often gets put to the side for long stretches. But, I have had more time recently to work on it. I’ve got the backend and theme up and working, now it’s just updating the content and images.

Overall I’ve earned over 379,000 Swag Bucks over the past few years, which i’ve traded out for over $3,500 in free gift cards (as well as a few other prizes). Swagbucks is a great way to earn free prizes just for fun, or to help subsidize  you daily life. For me, it’s been a way to have a little bit of play money, while keeping up with all the expenses that come with life.  You should sign up, and start wining now, as well!

For now,

Jacob for Swag Central

(If you want to see proof that Swagbucks works (and that my story is real) check out my proof pictures)

My Story

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