Swagbucks 101

Earning points called SB from Swabgucks.com and understanding how to use Swagbucks can sometimes be confusing (or for those who are just starting, a lot to take in). Here at Swag Central I’ve broken down the different parts of Swagbucks to make it easy for people to understand.

The Swabgucks 101 section of this site covers the different ways to earn Swag Bucks, inviting people, redeeming for free prizes and free gift cards, and explain many of the other things found on the Swagbucks website. Below is a quick Swagbucks 101 to get you started.

What is Swagbucks?

How many times do you use search for something using a search engine (like google or yahoo)? Maybe you only do it once or twice a day. Or maybe you do it a hundred times.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn prizes while searching? This is exactly why Swagbucks.com was created! (Although, this isn’t the only way to earn SB. You can also do surveys, watch videos, or go shopping to mention a few!) Overall, I’ve earned over the equivlent of $3,000 from using it for 8 years.

As you search the web using Swagbucks.com you earn points called SB which are redeemed for free gift cards and prizes. What makes Swagbucks great is that they are constantly updating their site and creating other ways to earn SB. This means that it is easy for anyone to win and redeem for prizes!

I bet your saying “yeah, that would be great, but what’s the catch?” Here’s some great news, there is no catch. Just use swagbucks to do your online searching. The results are pulled right from Yahoo, so you aren’t missing out and you are being rewarded for free!

To earn SB from shopping, simply click through the Swagbucks.com link for the store or use the SwagButton when getting ready to purchase an item online. It’s like getting money back from shopping.

What are Swag Codes?

Swag Codes are like promotional codes that are  posted on the blog, facebook wall, website, or other places. You then use the code to add a few Swag Bucks to your account. Normally the codes are time or occasionally number limited. So, you won’t get every one, but you will get some of them if you keep an eye out for them. Once you find a code go to the swagbucks.com home page to add it to your account! To learn more about how to use a swag code, visit the swag code guide.

What are the Prizes?

Swagbucks.com has a huge selection of gift cards as prizes! There is something bound to be something for everyone. I personally like the amazon gift card which you can earn 1 or more in under a month, or the PayPal gift card which is essentially teh same as cash!  Other gift card types include: iTunes, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, and Starbucks, as well as categories like travel (Uber, Delta, Hotels.com, etc.), sports and outdoors (Nike, Bass pro, Cabela’s, etc.), gaming (Steam, Google Play, GameStop, etc.)  and countless others. There are also swagstakes (Swagbucks sweepstakes) that you can enter if you are willing to take a chance.

If you are looking for tips, proof, or the Mini-Swidget, those can be found under the Tips and Proof section.

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