The SwagButton serves many different purposes and allows you to easily access various parts or Swagbucks and earn digital points called SB.

Installing the SwagButton

When you open the SwagButton page, which can be found under Quick Links on the left hand side of the Swagbucks homepage, the page will automatically detect the browser you are using and show the download button for only that browser. (To download it for a different browser, you have to open up the page in the specific browser you want the toolbar to run on.) For some browsers, like Chrome, it may ask to directly install the add-on. For other browser, it may ask to download or run a file, which you can safely run to install the add-on in your browser.

Using the SwagButton

There are several different ways to use the SwagButton including earning while shopping online, Swag Code alerts, searching and more.

  • Shopping – Automatic notification and easy activation of shop and earn directly from the SwagButton when shopping online.
  • Coupons – Find known coupon codes when shopping online at available stores.
  • Swag Code Alerts – Get automatic alerts and redeem Swag Codes directly from your browser.
  • Search – Search using Swagbucks.com directly from the SwagButton.
  • Watch – Watch videos, earning SB, without opening the Swagbucks website.
  • Earning Alert – Receive alerts when earning opportunities, like new surveys, are available.