Mini-Swidget 2.0

Please note that this widget is in beta stage. Due to styling or JavaScript conflictions it may not display properly. You may want to test it before using it.

Once Widgetbox closed down I decided to create a a non-flash widget that would be more mobile friendly. It was also a good chance to practice learning Javascript and CSS. While the Mini-Swidget 2.0 is similar to the original Mini-Swidget, it is missing the code alert due to techincal issues on Swagbucks end*.

The Mini-Swidget 2.0 will allow your site users to easily search and win using It can also tell your visitors more about Swagbucks and creates a referral link for you. (However about a quarter of the time it will use my referral link to help offset the cost of hosting the widget/Swag Central as I don't use advertising)

To post the widget on your site, copy the code below. It will create a box roughly 160px wide by 300px tall that contains the Mini-Swidget 2.0. To create your referral link, change "jpatton" to "your username". (You can change the HTML style options like margins or float if you feel comfortable editing basic html code.)


* I am unable to import the XML file in JavaScript that Swagbucks creates as it is not a valid/ well formatted XML file (Flash isn't as picky). Since the information about Swagcodes and prizes comes from this file, it means I cannot include this function in the Mini-Swidget 2.0. at this time (or at least until Swagbucks fixes this error.)

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