My Friends

Friends can be a fun way to interact with other people on Swagbucks. The My Friends section will let you send message, and edit which people are your friends. 

After opening up the page you'll see a list of your current friends. You can also see the people that you've asked to be friends with, but haven't responded by selecting "pending".

At the top of the page there will be a box to search for different friends, or you can select how it orders your friends (A-Z, Z-A, oldest, most recent, and number of Swag Bucks)

If you want to add a certain person to your friends list, click the "Find Friends" button. That will let you add someone by there email address or by their Swag Name. Oddly enough you can only automatically import friends from outlook or Plaxo unless you know how to export your contacts from your email provider. If you know the email address of the person, click the "Enter Email / Swagname" tab. Select the correct button, and click  "Find Your Friends". If the person is on Swagbucks, you'll be able to add them. If they are not, then it'll ask if you want to invite them!

When looking at your friends, you can several different things. The persons Swag Name will be in dark blue, while the persons real name (or at least what they gave Swagbucks) will be after that in grey. Next to that on the very right is there Swag picture. Below their name(s) will be the number of Swagbucks that person currently has.  If the person is a referral, then you will see a star with a green box that has the number of Swag Bucks that person has earned you. Next to that is a button to send the person a message. If you want to delete a certain friend, mouse of the person, and on the right hand side there will be a box with and X that you can click to unfriend/ delete the person. 


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