Your account settings

If you ever need to update your contact and person info or your email settings, you can do that under My Settings.

Before you can change anything under My Settings you need to type in password. This is to help keep your account safe since Swagbucks keeps you logged in to earn points called SB. After logging in there will be two tabs at the top; Account Details and Notifications.

Account Details

Under account details you will see your photo, account information and address. You can edit your account and address information by clicking the edit button near the section title. The account information will let you update your name, email, password, security question, and language preference. Make sure that your email is up to date since Swagbucks does send out confirmation emails for gift cards. Also, if you ever have a problem with your account, this will help Swagbucks verify that the account is yours.

If you want to change your Swagbucks Photo, click change photo to select and upload a file from your computer. One thing that cannot change is your Swag Name. Once this is selected, you’re stuck with it. The address section below that is used to verify your location/country, as Swagbucks does operate in multiple counties. To change this simply click the edit button.


The notifications tab will let you mange your email notifications and what type emails sends you. However, it is important to note that your preferences here do not affect the important emails like password reminders and order confirmations that you will automatically receive.

To change the type email notifications you receive, simply click the round button the right hand side. It should slide over and then automatically save your preferences. This is a good way to filter out exactly what type emails you want and would actually be interested in.