There are two ways to win Swag Bucks with games. You can either play for free and randomly be awarded Swag Bucks, or you buy into tournaments in hopes to win a lot of Swag Bucks. [Currently the tournaments are not available so that Swagbucks can update things. I'll post when it is available again] When playing for free Swag Bucks are just randomly awarded. If you have plenty of time to spend online or like playing flash games online, then this might be a way for you to earn a few extra Swag Bucks. If you spend enough time playing games (or just happen to be really good at  a few of them) you might want to enter into one of the tournaments. tournaments require you to buy into them (for a specific price)before you can play. Most of the tournaments are limited time entry and 1st 2nd and 3rd place  are the people who earn Swag Bucks.


After opening games there will be five different tabs. The games tab is where you can acess all of the games that are available. My Tournaments will let you see which tournaments you have entered keep track of how are doing. My acheivments will tell you statistics about how many games you play and how often you win. This can be handy if you are trying to decided to enter a tournament. The learderboard will tell you general statics like who has won the most tournaments and the best win ratio. Laslty, there is the help button which will redirect you to the Swagbucks help section for games. 

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