The Official Swidget (Retired)


Please see the update section below if your Swidget is not working.
Also, Flash will hit end of life in 2020, and many browsers are already blocking flash, making flash widgets less useful.

The official Swagbucks Widget (known as the Swidget) was probably one of the best way to bring Swagbucks to your website! It let people search using, show the latest blog post, see prizes,  check for Swag Codes, and let people sign up with your referral link!

To install the Swidget, visit the widget page on Swagbucks (Tools > Widget or click here). Then click the “Get Widget” button. The Swidget can be installed on many different blogs sites by clicking one of the icons, or you can just copy and paste the javascript/flash code to put it on your website. The only place that the swidget doesn’t work is on MySpace (This is due to the security/how MySpace handles flash links)

If you liked the Swidget, but need something smaller or thinner for your website that is not flash based, you should check out the  Mini-Swidget 2.0.

Swidget Update

As of the end of March 2014, which is where the Swidget was hosted through, has closed. This means that the only way to access of post the Swidget is through the code below. (As long as Swagbucks hosts the flash file). Feel free to copy and paste the code below to your website. To customize it for your username, you need to follow these instructions find your Swagbucks User ID number. (This is different than your username). Then replace the two places with “44030” in the code with your number!


<!--Begin Swidget Code-->
<img style="float: right;" src="" width="301" height="326" class="mceItemObject mceItemFlash" data-mce-json="{"object":{"style":"float: right;","width":"301","height":"326","align":"right","data":"","type":"application/x-shockwave-flash","param":{"menu":"false","quality":"high","wmode":"transparent","movie":""}}}"></img>
<!--End Swidget Code-->