Proof That works!

Amazon Gift Cards

Maybe Swagbucks sounds too good to be true. I can’t blame you for having second thoughts about it; but there is real proof that works! I know there are plenty of web sites or groups that want to take advantage of people, but Swagbucks is the real thing and is as easy it sounds.

My personal story is that I received over 370,00 points called SB’s which I’ve traded out for over $3,500 dollars in free gift cards and prizes from Swagbucks since late 2008 (along with several other gift prizes when they did physical prizes). You can read more about my story, or see my prize/proof video and pictures.

Still don’t believe me? Alright, well, sign up and then view some of the proof videos on Youtube. You’ll find plenty of other people posting videos with proof that Swagbucks really works.

Millions of people have signed up and talked about Swagbucks. They can’t all be wrong, can they? Go ahead, sign up!