There are two main ways to earn points called SB when shopping, either through shopping online, or printing and using coupons.

Shopping Online

One was to earn SB is by shopping online. For some people this can be a great way to quickly earn SB! You normally earn 1- 5 SB for every dollar that you spend, though sometimes there special offers with higher amounts. There are plenty of stores in the Shop section (including Walmart, iTunes, and Macy’s). So there is bound to be someplace for everyone to shop.

The most important part to earning SB using Shop is clicking through the link to the store on the Swagbucks shopping page (Click the link, or from the homepage, click shop on the menu of the left side). If you don’t use the links from the Shop page, you will not get any SB! Also, make sure your browser allows cookies. This is partly how they determine where you came from and can credit you with the right amount of SB.

Once you click through the link on the Shop page, feel free to shop around and then check out. Though make sure you check out on the visit when you clicked through the Swagbucks page. Generally, within the next month you will be awarded the specified SB for every dollar that you spent! After that, have fun spending your free points!

Printable Coupons

If you prefer to shop in store, for every coupon that you print and use, you will earn 10 SB. Click on Shop from the main menu, and then select “Grocery Coupons“. The first time you print coupons, you’ll have to verify your computer by entering a verification code sent to your cell phone or from a call to your landline. This helps Swagbucks and know which coupons you have printed. The coupons are updated frequently and there are a large variety of categories (everything from food to general household products). Coupons are only valid in the United States and are only awarded for coupons that you actually use. Once the coupon is used, it can take up to 12 weeks to show up in your Swagbucks account. Overall coupons can be a decent way to earn SB while saving you money on your next shopping trip.

Local Deals

Local deals from Swagbucks are special offers to stores, restaurants and other local places, plus earn points called SB! (Think Groupon or Living Social, except even more rewarding) So, in essence you are saving money twice. Each offer is different and awards a different amount of SB. If you need help or support, contact Swagbucks for help with your offer.