Searching is one of the main ways to earn points called SB. As you search throughout the day you will randomly be awarded  SB. When you win there will be a box at the top of the page that will tell you how many SB  you have won. Many times to claim your SB you will have to type in a Captcha (a few random letters in a box) to verify you are human. There is no limit on how many Swag Bucks you can win in a day!

If you see the Search Engine Sweepstakes rules it means that you are over searching (searching too fast or not searching real words and the system flagged you) and have been suspended from searching for a little bit. Sometimes you can start searching again in an hour, or sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for you to be able to search again. This really just depends on the system. If you were legitimately searching, just be careful in the future.

Your chances of winning do not increase by clicking on sponsored links that show up. should be used like you would a normal search engine and is designed to reward natural searching. If you do abuse the system, you will be shown the sweepstakes rules and then if you continue you risk loosing your account. So, just play fair and you’ll be fine.

You can search using Swagbucks from almost any page on or you can set the main search page as your homepage (or your default browser search). What makes the the main search page nice is that it is a clean background and makes it look like a normal search page.

Using Swagbucks to search really can be rewarding over time. It might not seem like it at first, but the points do add up. Keep on searching, and you’ll soon be trading your points out for free gift cards!