Swag Bucks for shopping

Currently the Shop & Earn Section is not available since it is being updated! 

Another way to earn Swag Bucks is by shopping online. For some people this can be a great way to quickly earn Swag Bucks! You normally earn 2 Swag Buck for every dollar that you spend, though sometimes there special offers. There are hundreds of stores ain the Shop & Earn section (including Walmart, iTunes, and Macy's). So there is bound to be someplace for everyone to shop. 

The most important part to earning Swag Bucks using Shop & Earn is clicking through the link to the store on the Swagbucks shopping page (Click the link, or from the Swagbucks.com menu, click Tools  > Even more . Then the Shop & Earn link will be on the bottom left of that page). If you don't use the links from the Shop & Earn page, you will not get your Swag Bucks! Also, make sure your browser allows cookies. This is partly how they determine where you came from and can credit you with the right amount of Swag Bucks. 

Once you click through the link on the Shop & Earn page, feel free to shop around and then check out. Though make sure you check out on the visit when you click through the Swagbucks link. Within the next month you will be awarded 2 Swag Buck for every dollar that you spent! After that, have fun spending your free Swag Bucks!



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