Swagbucks Special Offers


Participating in Special Offers can be a great way to earn a lot of Swagbucks, but the offers do often require signing up and/or credit card information. Thankfully, there are also free offers, like installing an app on facebook or watching a short video. A large amount of them though, require you buying a product or subscription. There are several different companies that the Special Offers are sponsored by (and each company has a lot of different offers. You will want to check each tab or company out). 

 The amount of Swagbucks and the time it takes to credit your account varies from offer to offer. Some give Swag bucks instantly or others take one or two business days to credit your account (or longer). Remember though, you are not required to do the special offers like some sites, it is just another way to get a some extra Swag bucks!

When completing special offers make sure to follow these guidlines (Making it easier to . 

1) Make sure you have cookies engabled. This helps both Swagbucks and the other company to verify the completed offer. 

2)If you have a ad-blocking software installed, it can sometimes cause problems with cookies. You might want to turn it off or pause it. 

3) Make sure you complete every step that the offer requires. You won't get credit if you don't complete it. 

4) Use real information. This also helps to track what offers you have completed. 


If you have any problems contact the customer support for the company you did the offer through (like TrialPay) and then if you still have problems, contact Swagbucks customer support. 


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