Swagbucks TV

Most everyone likes watching videos online, which is why Swagbuck TV is so great. With over 60 different channels and over 40,000 videos, there is bound to be something you'll enjoy watching (everything from celebrity gossip to technology reviews and health tips). One nice thing about Swagbucks TV is that you know exactly how many points you will earn and how long it will take. 

When you open the swagbucks TV page there will be tabs at the top to select different channels or categories. Browse through the list, find one you like, and click on it to play. As you watch the video there is a Swag Bucks Meter at the top that will increase 10 % for every video you watch. If you don't see the video, make sure flash player is updated and that any ad blocking software is disabled. When the Swag Bucks Meter hits 100% you will be awarded 3 Swag Bucks and the meter will reset. Occasionally you will be asked to type in a few letter (captcha code) before being awarded the points. 


Swagbucks TV on Android

For those of you who have a android smart phone, you might be interested in downloading the Swagbucks TV mobile app. (You can also find the link under the Swagbucks TV page). The mobile app has a separate meter from  the web version of Swagbucks partly because you earn points faster while using the android app! Instead of earning 3 points every 10 videos, you earn 2 for every 5 ( essentially 4 for every 10, which does add up over time!)  Another benefit of the mobile app is that you can watch videos that are not available on the  Swagbucks TV webpage. It's simple, and it's a great way to earn more Swag Bucks!


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