Invite and Earn!

One of the best ways to earn more Swagbucks and referrals is to invite your friends to sign up! You can do this multiple different ways through the "Invite and Earn" section under tools on the Swagbucks menu. To learn more about inviting friends and earning referrals keep reading, or watch the tutorial below. 

At the top of the Invite & Earn page you will see your referral link. To copy the link, simple click on it. Now you can post it anywhere! Your referral link can be a great thing to post in a signature or to share while chatting online with a friend. Though, remember to check a sites spam policy. Some sites would consider posting your referral link "spam" and repeat offenders might have their account closed. (In general just be careful and you should be fine). 

To invite friends from facebook or twitter simply click the proper button. You might be asked to sign in or connect to facebook or twitter. Once you do that you will be select different friends and sent them an invite! Remember to include a person message (if possible) to make it more personal. 

If you want to invite friends via email you can either enter their email address or you can import contacts from your email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, MSn, Aol, and a few others). After that select the people you want to email, and click invite! When importing contacts you might not be able to select some if they are already part of or they have been recently invited. 

Some other ways to invite your friends (and earn referrals!) are found on the bottom left side of page, which include Creating a Spoof, connecting Swagbucks to a social network (like Facebook) or posting a Swagbucks banner on your website. 

Remember, the best part about inviting is that when the person you invite wins while searching, you earn up to 1,000 matching Swag Bucks!



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