If you have a blog or a website, then a Swagbucks banner will be a big help to you. Finding and posting the right banner to your website is rather easy and can start to help earn referrals for you. Once you open the "Invite & Earn page"  (Top Menu > Tools> Invite & Earn) there will be a button on the bottom right hand side of the page that says "Promo Banner". From the "Promo Banner" page you can select from a wide variety of Swagbucks banners (images that promote Swagbucks and have your referral link) to put on your site, blog, or wherever! There are many different colors and sizes, making it easy to match the needs of your specific site. 

At the top of the page there will be your referral link so you can easily use it in other places. To copy it, highlight it with your mouse, and press Ctlr +C.  Below that will be three different tabs. Each tab will let you select different sized banner. Each section has different styles, so be sure to check them all out. The horizontal ones work well at the top of a page or blog post, while the vertical ones are great for the side or a website or blog. Lastly, there are square ones that work well in just about any place. 

 Once you find one you like, simply click either the "Get HTML code" or "Get IMG code" and copy the code provided (To copy either right click and select copy, or press Ctrl+c on your keyboard). Now, post it wherever you want and start earning more Swag Bucks! 





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