Swagbucks defines a spoof as - a short mildly humorous search results page intended to make the recipient seem more accomplished than they really are. 

Spoofing someone can be fun, or, it can make someone hesitant to use Swagbucks, so be careful about how you use it. To navigate to the spoof  page from the menu click Tools> Invite & Earn. It will be on the right side of the page.(Or click here) Once you open the spoof page you will be asked to fill out your friends name, city, and some things he or she is interested in. From that, Swagbucks will create a fake search result to make it look like they are famous (which can be funny at times). Before generating the spoof, you can preview it to make sure it looks ok. Once you are happy, click generate. At the bottom of the page will appear a link and a suggested text to email to your friend. You can either copy and paste the text, or create your own text and just copy the link. 

When your friend opens the link it will show the fake search results to him or her. When the person clicks on a link or result it will take them to a page telling them they were spoofed! It will then offer to let them send a spoof to one of their friends, or sign up for Swagbucks. If they want to send a spoof to their friend they will have to sign up for Swagbucks. Either way they'll sign up with your referral link!

Spoofs can be interesting things to play with, but ultimately you should be careful about who you send a spoof to. Since it creates fake results, some people might take this to mean Swagbucks to be a scam. This is the last thing you want to do since getting referrals is the best way to earn points! 

 If you still feel like creating a spoof and want to see an example, below is a copy of what the suggested text and link would look like. I made this spoof for a John Doe who likes Chuck, Titatan A.E., Doctor who and Treasure planet. 


I recently ran a search for your name on Swagbucks.com, the search engine which rewards users with free stuff, like Amazon Gift Cards. You should check out the results, I never knew you were so well known! Be sure to read all the results, it's very impressive!
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