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Buying prizes is the best part about Swagbucks and can be so much fun! The Swag store is where you can spend your hard earned Swag Bucks. My favorite prize is $5 Amazon gift card since you can save them over time and use them all at once on Amazon.com. Swagbucks has a large variety of prizes that you can choose and is bound to have something for everyone. For example there are gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks, and many more), video games, electronics (iPod touch, PS3, Xbox, etc.), magazines, music and even school supplies to name just a few of the prizes! Spend some time looking around and find something you like and get it! If you don't have enough Swag Bucks, add it to your wishlist for when you do enough Swag Bucks.


When you buy a prize you will never pay shipping, this is included in the price, which ultimately makes your prize totally free! Once you find the prize you want, press the "snag this" button. You will be asked confirm and submit the order. Make sure your shipping address is correct if you are ordering a physical item. Some items, like gift cards, are sent electronically instead of physically shipping them. Once you click submit order, you will have to verify the order. You can do this two different ways. You can either answer your security question, or click the confirm button in the email that swagbucks send when ordering your prize. After that, your Swagbucks prize will be on it's way! 



Another way to win a prize is by entering the Swagstakes (Sweepstakes). The upside is that entering Swagstakes is that it costs a lot less than actually buying the prize. Some of the Swagstakes you even get a discount if you buy multiple entries. The downside is that there is no guarantee that you will get the prize. There are a variety of Swagstakes that you can enter. Some of them are limited time entry, while other ones have limited spots. If you have a few extra Swag Bucks to spend, or feel like taking a risk, you might just get lucky and save yourself a lot of Swagbucks and win your prize!


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