How to take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot (a picture of the screen like the one below) can be one way to show off Swag Bucks that you've won, or difference gift cards you've received.  They can also be important when contacting support for either Swagbucks or Special Offers. To take a screenshot, simply follow the directions below. 

1. Navigate to the website or page you want to take a screenshot of. If you are already on the page, go to the next step. 

2. If you are running windows there should either be a print screen button (Prnt Scrn) or it will be a combination of buttons. On my laptop for example I would press Fn+F12. On a desktop keyboard there should be a button on top above the arrow keys. press "shift+ Prnt Scr" to take a  full screenshot. If you press "shift + Alt + Prnt Scrn" it will take a picture of just the open window/application. 

For those of you on a mac, press Command+Shift+3, which will save a full screenshot as an image on your desktop. If press Command+Shift+4, you will be able to select the area that it takes a screenshot of. 

3. Open paint or similar image editing program. Paint by default comes with windows and is found under accessories. 

4. Paste (press Ctrl+V) or click the paste button in the program. (It might be under Edit > Paste)

5. Save and edit! Now you have your picture and do whatever you need with it! 



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