Swag Codes

Many people are a bit confused on what Swag Codes (SwagCodes) are, where to find them, and how to use them properly, Hopefully this guide helps clear things up. 

First of all, let me explain what a Swag Code is. A Swag Code is a promotional code that the Swag Guy or Swag Gal posts on the blog, Facebook wall ,Twitter or other places. You then use the code to add a few Swag Bucks to your account from the top menu bar. Normally the codes are active for only a certain amount of time. So, you won’t get every one, but you will get some of them if you keep an eye out. There are also Swag Codes for specific countries, though these are generally posted on the country specific facebook page or blog.

The best place to check to see if there is a code out is the Swagbucks Facebook page. Users will often be posting "thanks you" or the actual code. The other places to easily find out about active codes is the toolbar, iPhone/Andorid app or Mini-swidget. Users used to be prohibited from posting active codes, however, this is no longer the case and users are encouraged to share active codes. 


Is It a Code?                  

So now that you're looking, you might want to know what a Swag Code looks like. Sometimes the codes are clearly labeled. Here's an example from a Facebook post.  

Enter SpringForward in the Swag Code box before 3pm PT/6pm ET for 2 SBs!

In the above text the Swag Code is the part that has two words merged together. This is how most Swag Codes will be. They generally are made of up a few words merged together and almost never have a space in it. Most of the time the words are capitalized,but not always. Sometimes it's the entire phrase, or other times just part of it.  


Other times the codes are not as clear. Either the Swag Code is a hunt or puzzle, which makes it harder, or the Swag Guy makes a post on one of the official Swagbuck pages that looks something like this.

Watching Tod in a "Paintball" game can be very rewarding ;)

If it's a more challenging Swag Code, like a hunt or puzzle, the easiest option would be just waiting until someone else posts the code or shares it. It just depends on how much time you have and how much you like challenges.  


Remember, you can always check the Swidget or Mini- swidget since they are always up to date about the latest Swag Code. However, after March of 2014 the Swidget and Mini-Swidget will no longer work through WidgetBox (as Widgetbox shutdown). For them to work, you will need to update the html code posted under the Mini-Swidget or Swidget articles to use the widget. Below are two examples of what they would like if there was a code available. For the Swidget, you need to click the Swag Codes tab and click "check if there is a Swag Code".




The Mini-Swidget will show the alert at the top (if there is a swag code), which then if you mouse over it will show you the code. If there is no Swag Code, the top will just be empty. Either way both of them widgets are a handy tool for finding swag codes.


To use the code checker on the toolbar you will need to install it first. (Please read the tutorial as it does change things in your browers settings!). Once installed you can simply click the "Check for Swag Code" button. If there is an active code it will tell you where to look to find the code or hint. 


Lastly, if you use the Swagbucks mobile app (for iPhone and Android mobile devices), there will be an alert that appears to tell you that there is an active code available. Once you know the code, you can also add it to your account from the app as well for when you are on the go, or don't have easy access to the Swagbucks home page. 

Adding a Code

Now that you have found the code, I'm sure you want to add it to your account. First, select the code with your mouse and copy it (right click, copy or press Ctrl+ C). Make sure to avoid any spaces when copying the code. Next, go to the Swagbucks home page, although you can add it from almost any page. At the top of the page next to your inbox on the right side, hover over the "Swag Code" button/text. Either type or paste the code in the box that appers and then press ""Reedem Swag Code" to add the code!

Below are the five different boxes that show up when you press "Redeem Swag Code". If you still have a question after reading the page, check out the official Swag Code page from Swagbucks.


Good Code

This is what you want to see. It means that the code worked and you are now closer to your goal!  Congrats on successfully applying the Swag Code.  





Bad Code


This means that whatever you typed in was or is not a swag code. Remember that swag codes are case sensitive, so you'll also get this message if you didn't have it typed correctly or if you have a space at the beginning of the code. In that case, just delete the space.




Used code

If you get this it means that the code was already used (and you got your points!). Normally you see this if you accidentally click the redeem button twice or if you try and use a code twice.





Expired code
Sorry to say but you missed the code. Remember codes are not always available for a long time. Better luck next time.




Other Country
Lastly, the code you tried did not work because it was for the wrong country. Since other countries can participate in Swagbucks, they try to make it possible for everyone to get Swag Codes. 



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