The Swagbucks Toolbar serves a dual purpose. It earns you one extra Swag Buck each day and it lets you have quick access to different parts of the Swagbucks website! (see image below for example of daily Swag Buck) If you open it every day for a month, it means you would have an extra 30 Swag Bucks! Occasionally they even have a Swag Code on the toolbar!

When you open the toolbar page, which can be found under tools from the Swagbucks homepage, the website will automatically detect the browser you are using and show the download button for only that browser. To download it for a different browser, you have to open up the page in the specific browser you want the toolbar to run on. Currently the Swagbucks toolbar is available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. (With Safari coming soon!) Once you've downloaded it, just find the file and run it to install the toolbar!

 I've used the swagbucks toolbar for a long time, and have never had any problems with it. In fact, many times it has been a help. You can watch Swagbucks TV from it, and have quick access to parts of the Swagbucks website and social networks. One nice thing is that you can customize the toolbar with whatever buttons you would like. The toolbar is a great add on to have for your browser.  




If you don't want a full toolbar, but still want to easily be able to search using, use the plugin! On the bottom half of the toolbar page, you will be able to select your browser. Click on your browser and it should drop down with instructions. Firefox and Internet Explorer have an actual plugin you can install. For Chrome there are instructions on how to set Swagbucks as your default search engine for your browser. Once you have installed the plugin, sit back and enjoy earning!


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