Winning Tips


So, you're looking for ways to improve your chances of winning with Swagbucks? Then these 10 tips should be a big help to you!


1. Complete the Daily Earning Checklist

The daily earning checklist can be found on the homepage of and these are things that you can do every day to guarantee earning a few Swag Bucks. The list includes the Toolbar, Daily poll, and NOSO.


(As of August 2012 Ad Rewards tab is closed due to problems.)
Another item that is not on the check list are the special offers from Ad Rewards (Earn> Special Offers. Then click the Ad Rewards tab). Generally these are short commercials that you watch, and then earn a Swag buck or two. You should be able to do this every day and always be rewarded. 


2. Searching

When searching the web, the best way to win Swag Bucks is to use the engine for genuine searching. Their technology is designed to award users who search naturally — simply utilize the search engine the way you would with other search providers. To make it easier to search, use the toolbar, plugin, or set Swagbucks as your homepage or default search engine. . 

Doing a ton of searches, or clicking on every search result, will not increase your chances of winning in any way (and might actually decrees it).


3. Promote

The best way to earn more Swagbucks is to promote your referral link. When a friend signs up under your link, you'll win every time your friend does, up to 1,000 points. The more people that sign up under you the better! You can promote Swagbucks using social networks, forums and blogs. Though just be careful since some forums could ban you if you break the rules by posting your link.


4. Recycle and Shop & Earn

These two aren't for everyone, but they will help some people. 

Got a new phone in the last year? Then send in your old cell phone and you'll be rewarded with Swag Bucks. You can also trade in used video games,  game consoles, and books for Swag Bucks. There's no limit to how many cell phones or video games you can trade in. Click here to learn more.

If you like to shop online check out swagbucks Shop & Earn section. Swagbucks will reward you 2 point for every $1 dollar you spend online. It's a great way to earn a lot of swagbucks. Click here for a full list of stores. 


5. Get the Toolbar, Widget or Plugin 

The easiest way to search Swagbucks is to install the toolbar or the plugin. This creates a quick way for you to search the web using Swagbucks from any browser, which ultimately leads to a more rewarding experience. To learn more click here. Or to install the toolbar or plugin click here.



6. Send Prize Pictures or Video

Have you traded your Swagbucks in for a prize? Well, send a picture to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of you and your prize, or create a video of you opening your prize.Then they will give you 10 free Swag Bucks!


7. Follow Facebook, Twitter and the Blog

Unlike some prize sites Swagbucks is a very active site and community. Keeping  up with the Facebook group, blog, or twitter is a great way to learn more about what Swagbucks is working on. The Facebook group is a great way to share your opinion and to let swagbucks know what you think. The Swag Guy or Swag Gal can often be found there answering questions and sometimes even giving out a code.


8. Swag Codes

Try to remember that Swag Codes are not the main way to win Swag bucks. They are randomly posted places through out the week and for special events. Just keep and eye out and eventually you will get a few. If you want to learn more about Swag Codes, check out my Swag Code guide.


9. Get the Newsletter

Every month or so Swagbucks send out a newletter which contain updates about swagbucks and how to get more out of your swagbucks account. Sometimes there is even a code with it. To sign up for the newsletter go to and click the "sign up for newsletter" button on the left side of the very bottom of the page.


10. Twitter Phrase

If you use twitter a lot, you'll like this. Every Tuesday SwagBucks will have a contest called the "Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays" ( abbreviated TTPTP). There is normally a contest for creating some title or caption in which the winner is awarded Swag Bucks . Just check the swagbucks blog every tuesday to learn more about it TTPTP.




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