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Understanding how your account works can help you get the most from Swagbucks. It will let you access gift cards you've bought,change your shipping address, or see your referrals.  (and so much more!). 

The first button, My Swag Bucks, will let you see your ledger, a summary of your Swag Bucks and which collector's bills you have. (Learn More)

My Settings will let you change certain details about your account (like shipping address!). This is an important one for if you ever order a physical item.  (Learn More)

My Referrals lets you see how you've done at earning referrals and how many points you've earned from them. (Learn More)

My Friends is a good way to communicate with other people on Swagbucks and send messages to them. (Learn More)

The My Gift Cards section is where you can find the gift cards you've ordered and have access to them. This one of my favorite places on Swagbucks! (Learn More)

Under Order Status you can see which prizes you've ordered and the status of them. If you are ever unsure about the status of a prize, this is the place to check. 

My Swagstakes will let you see which Swagstakes you've entered and the status of them. If you are a fan of Swagstakes, then this is the best place to keep track of your spendings. 

While searching around the Swag Store you can add stuff to your wishlist, and this is where you can manage that wishlist. There are several different ways to be alerted in changes for your wishlist, which can really help you save Swag Bucks. (Learn More)

I honestly have no idea what the Virtuals section is for. If you do, feel free to leave a comment below.

Swago is Swagbucks Bingo, and can be rewarding if you get a Bingo! If you need to check on which pieces you have, or what your board looks like, you'll want to stop here. 

Lastly, the Logout button. This can be helpful on a public computer or if two people in your house have an account. But remember, you can't win if you're not logged in!



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