My Referrals

Referrals are a huge help when trying to earn Swagbucks. The My Referrals section will let you keep track who has signed up under your referral link and how many points they've earned. 

After opening My Referrals you will see a list of the people that have signed up using your referral link. You can sort these by their names, or by how many points they have earned you. Remember, you get matching points up to 1,000 only for points your referrals earns while searching.

Next to each persons name there will be a icon of a person and a plus sign. Clicking on that will let you request to be friends with that person. Being friends means that you can chat with them on the chat bar and send them messages. If your referral isn't earning points, or has stopped using Swagbucks, sometimes it good to request a friendship and then send an encouraging message to that person. (Don't spam them or be mean about it!). You could also be nice and send them a message saying thanks for being your referral and earning you points!

If you have a lot of referrals (congrats!) Swagbucks will break the list up into pages. At the bottom of the list of referrals you will be able to navigate back and forth between the pages. Currently there is no way to see a total of how many referrals you have, so knowing how many pages you have  or how many are on the last page is a rough way to keep track of the number of referrals you've earned. 


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