My Swag Bucks

Keeping track of your Swag Bucks can be fun, but it can also show you things like collector bills and lifetime Swag Bucks. When you open "My Swag Bucks" there will be three different tabs; Summary, Ledger, and Collector's Bills.  


This is where you can see how many Swag Bucks you have, and at which site you have them. Since Swagbucks runs several different partner sites, you may occasionally win points there, or have a referral that does.

Unfortunately you currently can only spend points on the specific site that they were earned through. So, if you have 20 points to Relient K, and 500 on Swagbucks, you cannot combine them to have 700 Swag Bucks. If you have a lots of partner sites under your account, you can click the buttons at the top to sort the sites by name, or by the amount of points you have at each site. 

If you do have points on another site, click the name to visit that site. From there you can see what prizes are available. Hopefully, you can get something and don't have dead points just sitting in your account. 


A ledger is defined as a  book or other collection of financial accounts of a particular type, and this is exactly what the Swagbucks ledger is. Under the Swagbucks ledger you can see the points you've earned or spent, how you earned those points, and your total points (lifetime and current amount). Sometimes it can take a few seconds (or even a minute) to load the ledger. 

On the right side at the top of the ledger you will see two amounts. The first amount is your lifetime total of
Swag Bucks. The second amount changes depending on the options you select. When you open the ledger, it will default to the current amount of Swagbucks you have. 
Once the ledger loads you'll be able to select a category at the top left. This will let you show you when and how you've earned points on Swagbucks. By default all categories are shown, and is a good way to see your recent activities. I find that choosing referrals from the categories can help you find out how many actives referrals you have. When you change the categories, the Swag Bucks total will change to reflect the amount of points from that category. 

To the left of categories you can select a a date range if you want, which will show you how many points you have earned or spent during the time you selected. This can be helpful if you want to find out how many points you've earned and spent in a month. To select a range, select the range button and then select the dates you want by clicking on the calendar button. Once you're happy with the dates, click apply.  The ledger will update, and the Swag Bucks total will update to reflect the changes in dates. 


Collector's Bills

Every so often Swagbucks releases collector's bills with a challenge to collect the entire set (Generally there are five different Swag Buck bills).Each of the bills can be earned exclusively while searching online and generally have a certain theme.

While searching you'll be able to recognize when you win a collector's bill, since it will look different than your normal Swag Bucks. Once you earn a collector bill, you'll be able to see it in your account under the Collector's Bills. From there you can see how many you have left to earn, and you can share them on facebook or twitter (which does include a referral link). 

If you click on one of the he plus sign, a box will open up, and you'll be able to see the collector bills that you've earned. If you see a symbol on the right, like the one in the image below, that says "collection complete", then you've earned all the collector bills for that set and have earned your bonus! At the very bottom you can select past years if you want to see what past collector bills that you earned looked like. 


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