How It Works

While everyone likes free prizes, most people think there is bound to be a catch (which is often true), but with Swagbucks there isn't! So, how can Swagbucks give away free prizes?

There are several different ways that they can do this, and it all depends on how you earn your Swag Bucks. One main way is through advertising. When you search, watch a video, or view their site, you will see advertisements displayed. Swagbucks gets paid when these ads are shown or clicked on. They share this profit with you in the form of Swag Bucks (digital dollars).  When taking surveys or doing tasks, these are generally through an outside company, so it works a little differently. (But you still earn Swag Bucks).

To read more about sponsored results in searches from Swagbucks, click here

So, instead of keeping all their profit from advertising and such, Swagbucks shares it with users. It's a win-win situation for both sides. Swagbucks makes a profit, you get rewarded, and you keep coming back to use Swagbucks! (and then you get rewarded again!) 


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