Please see the udpate section below if your Mini-Swidget is not loading. 

When the official Swidget came out some people thought that it was too wide to fit nicely on the side of their blog. Well, I decided to put my skills to use and created the Mini-Swidget!

The Mini-Swidget does almost everything that the official Swidget does. You can search using Swagbucks directly from the Mini-Swidget. When you click the prize tab on the Mini-Swidget it shows off some of the prizes that people can get from swagbucks. Most importantly though if you put in your username when installing the Mini-Swidget (from widgetbox) it creates referral link for you if someone signs up!

I know that many people also use the Swidget to find out if there is a Swag Code out. Well, the Mini-Swidget also does this, except it's built in(No clicking buttons!). It automatically checks to see if there is an active Swag Code when the page is loaded and then shows "code alert" at the top if there is a code! Move your mouse over it the top and it will tell you about the code. Visit the Swag Code Guide page to see what it would look like if there is  an active Swag Code!

Click here to install the Mini-Swidget from widgetbox. 

Mini-Swidget Update

As of the end of March 2014 Widgetbox is closing. This means the Mini-Swidget, Swidget and other widgets hosted through them no longer work. To post the Mini-Swidget on your site please copy and paste the following code. If you want to create a custom referral link simply replace "jpatton" with your Swagbucks user name. (However about a quarter of the time it will use the default referral link to help offset the cost of hosting the widget/Swag Central as I don't use advertising)


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