Widget Tutorials

Below are the different tutorials that I have made. Hopefully more are on their way soon!

Finding yourSwagbucks ID The Easy Way

(If you have uploaded a profile picture to Swagbucks this should be the easiest way.)

1. Log in – Make sure you are logged into your Swagbucks account. Or click here to create an account.

2. Right click on your profile image at the top right. It should show a menu that says something like “Save page, View Background Image, Copy URL”, and other options.

3. Select “Open Image in New Tab/Window” or “View background image” (This depends on your browser, but it should be something similar).

4. The URL of the image at the top of your browser should look something like this. http://profileimages.swagbucks.com/profile-sm/44030 The numbers at the very end is your Swagbucks ID. In this case it is 44030. Write down or copy this number and then use it for either the Mini-Swidget, Swidget, or on of the other Widgets.

If you still need help and you can’t figure it out, feel free to use the contact button to ask me for help. (make sure to include your browser and operating system in the message)

How to Install the Swidget

The video was recorded using the old Swagbucks website. Hopefully I’ll have an updated version soon.