Changes are bound to happen with any site, and Swagbucks has had several this past week.

First, most of the band (and possibly other) partner sites that Swagbucks ran have been closed down. The points that were earned at those sites were turned into generic Swag Bucks.

Second, Swagbucks announced that Monday Shop & Earn will return! Hopefully I can update that section in the upcoming week.

Third, a visitor pointed out that there is a much easier way to find your user ID (which is required for a widget or two). The tutorial page has been updated with this information. I’ve also updated some site on the page due to minor changes at Swagbucks.

Lastly, I’ve been looking at creating a mobile version of this site as well. It may not happen (due to school), but if anyone thinks it would be worth it, please let me know.

For now,

Jacob for Swag Central.

Coming and Going

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