It’s been a year since I last posted on Swag Central! Website have been moved around, and has changed. Now that I have some free time I hope to update the site. 

Lately I’ve tweaked some of the PHP and template layout. The blog is a lot more user friendly now and it is easier to share articles. I also redid the Swag Search that is on the homepage so that it is actually an html form instead of flash (for those on a mobile device). It’s been a good learning experience to play with the CSS and change some of template/php formatting.

I also moved Swag Central from my main domain to I decided that having my main site as a portfolio was more professional for the time being. I also closed down my old site, which while I didn’t really use it anymore, I did have a lot of files hosted there.

One of the upcoming things that I need to do, besides update a lot of the articles, is modify the widget installation instruction as WidgetBox is closing at the end of March. This will make it slightly harder to share the widget, but it will still be possible for other people to use it.

For now,

Jacob for Swag Central

A Short Update

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